The  CCE  Permitting  team  provides  a full suite of permitting services to complement the engineering to move your project forward.


Engineering & Permitting


In Alaska, permit requirements depend on the type of activity, the size of the project and seasonal timing, but land ownership will also have a major influence. Whether it is State, Federal, Native Corporation, Borough or private land, each landowner has unique permitting requirements specific to their properties. Government lands often come with a second layer of requirements specific to regional designations such as wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, areas of critical environmental concern, parks, and  land trusts. Sub-designations provide a third layer of requirements for priority uses related to wetlands, habitat, water rights, subsistence, hunting and fishing and recreation. Clear Creek Energy provides a preliminary permitting matrix that outlines the permitting needs of a project  and explains the conditions under which they apply. A preliminary permitting matrix can inform management regarding project risks, scheduling, and costs to help management decide when and how to proceed with a project.

From preparing an AFE to assisting with the drilling program, we take the time to fully understand each project’s challenges and goals—and then apply our expertise and personnel to get the job done right.

Arctic Permitting

The  CCE  engineering  services  team  provides  an  operator  the  option  to  outsource  its  drilling  and/or  completion  engineering  when  applicable,  allowing  them  greater  flexibility  in  accommodating  the  ever-changing  demands  of  the  oil  and  gas  industry.

CCE  engineering  services  include:

Preliminary Permit Planning

​CCE engineering services include:

  • ​​Verification Service
  • Project Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Drilling Programs
  • Completion Programs
  • Workover / Recompletions
  • Re-Entry / Sidetracks
  • Operations Training


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